Care Management

Care Management

What is Care Management?
Health care delivery is being transformed by striving to apply the triple aim focus of: improving the experience of care, improving the health of populations, and reducing per capita costs of health care.  Being able to understand and effectively manage population health is key to each of these three elements and Care Management is becoming a leading practice-based strategy for managing the health of populations.

Care Management is essentially a set of activities for people who need extra support and assistance.  It consists of tasks intended to improve patient care and reduce the need for medical services by helping patients learn and apply what caregivers are encouraging them to do.  In this way caregivers can more effectively manage their patient health conditions.

How could we provide better Care Management?
A critical component of Care Management is the ability for providers who are part of managing a patient's health to be able to adequately communicate with each other, across a field of specialties and organizations.

Health Information Exchange (HIE) offers a secure flow of patient health information among healthcare providers such as those at medical practices, labs, imaging centers and hospitals.  With the patient's consent, HIEs make this information available and more easily accessible to various providers as patients move from one healthcare setting to another.

Inforia offers this type of exchange in a secure and confidential manner, providing your physicians and staff with the health data they need to make better decisions for your patients.
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