CaregiverDesktop EHR
Today more than ever healthcare professionals are constantly tasked with "doing more with less" and "working smarter, cheaper, and more effectively". 

Combined with constantly evolving healthcare requirements, growing demand, rising costs, and a constrained supply it is almost impossible to provide better patient care without the right tools for YOUR practice.  
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Our eLabs service allows you to easily order and transmit lab tests electronically to national or regional reference labs.  In addition, results are automatically returned right into our CaregiverDesktop EHR.

No more time wasted at the fax machine waiting or looking for results.
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eScripts gives providers the confidence to easily and accurately order, renew and track patient medications electronically. 

You can even see what other providers have prescribed, bringing back the power of prescribing to your hands! eScripts meets government requirements and is certified for EPCS (electronic prescribing of controlled substances).
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eDox is a state-of-the-art internet-based communication service for the CaregiverDesktop EHR.  

This service helps streamline the capture of information coming into the medical practice from outside medical entities such as labs, radiology centers, surgery centers etc. and by providing confidential communication with patients.
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Patient Portal
Our Patient Portal service let's you communicate your patient's medical information directly to them, when you want to. Patients can view that information anytime they want to - cutting down on the number of phone calls your practice receives! 

CaregiverDesktop’s Patient Portal also satisfies government requirements.
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Practice Management Solutions
Inforia has developed a highly beneficial relationship with Expert Data Systems to complement our CaregiverDesktop EHR with their exceptional PMS system, SimpleMed.

Do you already love your PMS system? No problem. Inforia’s CaregiverDesktop EHR can also integrate seamlessly with most existing PMS systems.
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