Dermatology Consultants, LLC

Christy Perkins, Practice Manager, said they needed a system that would allow their providers to successfully attest for Meaningful Use and assist with the ICD-10 transition. They especially needed a solution that could be customized to their provider-specific and dermatology-specific needs.
The practice chose Inforia’s SimpleMed Practice Management System and CaregiverDesktop EHR with eScripts and eLabs. When asked why, Christy said “because of the customization, other customer recommendations and we liked that Inforia was a local company”.
When asked what the outcome has been in the office, Christy responded “We have been very happy with the overall outcome in our office. We feel like we really know how to use the software and when we have questions, they are always answered quickly. We ask for changes and improvements and when possible, those are implemented.”
As far as recommending us to others Christy said “I feel that Inforia gives us the personal touch and customization that our small practice needs and wants. The staff at Inforia feel like an extension of our staff in the practice.”
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