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CNY Obstetrics & Gynecology

According to Jayne Marotta, Practice Manager, “For almost 5 years, our practice was using 3 different systems: Perfect Care as the primary Practice Management System, Medent as the Practice Management System and EMR for one of our physicians, and Inforia’s Caregiver Desktop EHR for the rest of the practice. It was crazy.”   The practice tried to implement a competitive EHR, but found it unacceptable because the product demands that the physician “fit it” rather than being flexible enough to fit the physician.
The physicians finally agreed to stop using Medent so they would all be on CaregiverDesktop EHR for continuity of patient care. 
CNY Obstetrics & Gynecology
When asked what the outcome has been in the office, Jayne said, “It is much easier to follow the MDs’ plan of care. Staff can easily see what the MD is doing with each patient. In Medent, the staff had to look in several areas of the record to put together exactly what the MD was expecting in the care of the patient. Our office is definitely more efficient. The fact that the current med list and allergies show up in all phone triage and notes is HUGE. It’s so easy to locate specific information in the chart due to alphabetizing the list of visits, labs, etc.” Jayne said she would ALWAYS recommend Inforia to other practices, regardless of their specialty. When asked why, she said, “Inforia is very interested in working out solutions for our practice. Their staff is always positive and enthusiastic to assist us in resolving any concerns that arise.” 

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