CaregiverDesktop EHR

CaregiverDesktop EHR

With the transition to a more managed care setting for today's Behavioral Health specialists, an EHR system is crucial for providers and clinicians to be able to capture all of the important, and required, information to document.  Combined with constantly evolving  behavioral healthcare requirements, growing demand, rising costs, and a constrained supply it is almost impossible to provide better client care without the right tools for YOUR agency.  

We at Inforia realize that how your providers and clinicians accomplish their work throughout their day is what's most important.  We have created an easier way to implement an EHR specific to the needs of behavioral health specialists by customizing our software to utilize YOUR workflows and forms.  

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Enter all of your visit information in one spot and your custom Eval, Progress Note or Treatment Plan will be automatically created!
  • Customized exam types which can be set up per provider
  • Define your goals & objectives, then easily track a client's progress
  • Add and monitor current medications, allergies and vitals
  • Custom appointment detail options designed by you
  • Enter a new assessment and treatment plan or copy & edit a previous one
  • Document a client's history including mental, social, medical, family and surgical
  • Track your session times, admission and discharge dates

Add valid Diagnosis & CPT codes easily through the visit section or an electronic encounter.  Don't miss a billable service!
  • Favorite diagnosis & additional service codes are displayed for fast access
  • Session times, return-to-office , orders and other instructions easily entered
  • Easily search or convert to ICD-10 coding
  • Additional add-on services and more can be added
  • Billing staff can preview the final version of the encounter before sending it to be processed

Type or write in a few pieces of data, click on your custom selections or draw on an image or scoring text.  Our EHR solution works the way you work!  
  • Detailed patient history including mental, social and family
  • Patient education information access  
  • Visit information relevant to your organization
  • Custom provider-friendly templates 

Whether it's a new script or an instant renewal, a urine test or blood work, you can order online through our EHR solution and the results automatically flow right into the client's chart, ready for review and sign-off.  We can do that!
  • Secure electronic prescribing of non-controlled and controlled substances
  • Prescription monitoring, including what scripts clients have filled from other providers
  • Preauthorizations
  • Prescriber "favorites" script list
  • Custom preferred test list
  • Lab panels or orders of convenience for multiple tests
  • Results flow to any workflow you need for review and sign-off

You have things to do, and you like them done in a certain way. We can mirror your day-to-day workflows and tasks in our system so that your office can continue to run well, and maybe even a little bit better.
  • "Activities" allow designated groups of people to monitor and handle daily job duties
  • "To Dos" are set up for specific people to take care of
  • Chart items can be automatically routed to the next workflow or you can send them where needed
  • Add a priority so the most urgent items are displayed on top
  • Filter "activities" by type of activity, provider, location and date so you can focus on the ones you need to see
  • Set a future date for things that need to be done down the road
You won't miss a beat with our CaregiverDesktop solution!

Create and route internal messages to an individual or group, e.g. nursing or administration staff, right in the system.
  • Message thread shows history of the communications (phone or email)
  • Set a priority so the most urgent messages are displayed on top
  • Color-coded to alert the recipient if the message hasn't been viewed within a certain time frame
  • Patient demographic, emergency contact and HIPAA information available on the same screen
We'll help you keep the communications flowing smoothly!

EHRs must receive Meaningful Use certification before providers can qualify to receive Meaningful Use incentive payments.  CMS's new Quality Payment Program, MIPS, also requires specific certification to meet government requirements.

No worries, our CaregiverDesktop EHR solution is certified to meet all required standards for these programs. 

Robust practical features, custom designed for you, easy implementation,
the right price!
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