Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement

What does Patient Engagement really mean?
The current trend in healthcare is the concept that patients who are more involved in their care and wellness help make up a healthier community.    Patients who use their knowledge and skills and who also have the ability and willingness to be decision-makers in their care tend to be healthier and have better outcomes.  

For providers and other clinical health workers, "Patient Engagement" means having the right tools to effectively communicate relevant information to your patients so they will become actively "engaged" in the communication and decisions pertaining to their care.    

What are the tools that support Patient Engagement?
Two of the most notable electronic tools that assist providers in connecting with patients and families through engagement are Patient Portals and Secure Messaging.

Patient Portal adoption allows you to send clinical data such as lab results, notes and treatment plans directly to your patient where they can review the information.  It also allows the patient to forward that information to their other providers safely and securely.

Secure Messaging is a confidential and secure method of two-way communication between your office and your patients.  Patients can ask a question or provide information without having to wait for office hours.  You can leave confidential messages for your patients or answer their questions without having to leave a message asking them to call you back.  This greatly reduces the amount of phone traffic and time spent playing "tag"!  Secure messaging can also be used for scheduling reminders, relaying normal test result information, requesting patient satisfaction feedback and more.

Let us help enhance the communications between you and your patients so they can be part of a healthy community!
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